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OMG... I refuse to use live journal no more as most of you have already noticed...

Heres where I paste all my mental thoughts and crap now,


Just a quick post to make this official.

Now back to work I go.


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So anyway, haven't posted in awhile so I thought I would... strange as that is... obviously.. ya know

First off work has been a real cunt... in-fact, no, capitalize that "CUNT" and add some exclamation points "CUNT!!!" there, that sounds a tad more right, I so want to shred the customers stuff right in front of them, then take them and get all violent on there asses, and no, not that good life satisfying way either o.o

Second up, I LOST my plane tickets to Melbourne, oh well, just makes me feel like a fool it does. If only my mother would pull her snob act out of her ass and toss it down the toilet, she ain't gonna need her plane while shes here, not at least as much as I know, and the pilots cute to <.<

Nice big ass party to head off to on Saturday with work then plans to head out with the colleagues after for a nice big night out in the city, oh so can't wait for that, at least working at this dive has some good points I suppose though that doesn't exactly stop me from wanting to the place down and all its under handed tricks, oh well, at least if something happens, I've managed to get enough dirt on them to black mail them into doing my bidding.


So gotta find me a new job...

~Alexander Goldenpaw

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Wow... what a great weekend... v.v

A recap...

It was a killer start, started off by heading out to a lil' furry gathering at a bar here in Sydney and chatted while drinking some, headed home and got myself into a small argument with the Linsang about a heater.... yes, thats right, for all those wondering, our little domestic was about a heater, later that night we decided to head out to a private furry gathering in Woolomooloo, some how during that night we ended up in a place called Rayond Terrace, we dunno how we got there, I suspect drugs crossed with alcohol may have been a big deciding factor in that play.

all in all that night saw about 700 dollars spent on alcohol alone, that is a record for me, saturday was spent drinking more, but this time at more casual pace, come sunday we decided to stop and spend the day recovering for work, and man... the hangover that I had was still traveling through my body on Monday... longest hangover ever for me.

My previous post here might still stand, I dunno what spawned the name change, I don't even remember making it to be honest, But I like for some reason.

Now just waiting on the this weekend to come around, this time travelling down to Canberra to make my presance known there... here cames the alcohol train again o.0

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Well, i've decided I'm changing my furry name to Zig-Zag, why, well i dunno really, but what is known right now is that I've had to much to drink, lets see if this sticks in the morning shall we... probably will... I love the blue mountains, there so nice!

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What a blastedly good week we have had here at the holt, started off with having an otter pop over and visit us for a week, that was totally unexpected and very welcome, we had a slight falling out a while back and needed to talk, then when the weekend came rolling around we headed up to the Blue Mountains and meet a few furs who reside in those parts, and oh my god, they are cute :) the otter went home on wednesday and things became a little slow here till for a few days till the next saturday popped around, where we headed down to Nowra and visited a wolf down there, OMG... he has the just the most awsome car... I'm afraid I hold a special place for Valients and he had one, needs a bit of work and a paint job but its still awsome and nicely tuned. his wuffs are cute and his horse is even cutier... wow, enjoyed the weekend there I did, wait till you see some of the photos I took ^^

Don't you just love this, pity the dog on top has had his paws broken off.


This is Star, unfortunatly I didn't get a photo of Stars sister, but the best is yet to come..

This here is a Photo of General, the funniest miniture horse i have had the pleasure of meeting yet, the thing is like, perpetually horny, I dunno why, maybe he just like showing off his package o.o;

General the miniture horseGeneral the miniture horse close up

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I give up on trying to stick the vid in here, so you can all click a link


Here we have the Linsang, AKA my mate, he had a tough day at work and pretty much zonked right out as soon as he got back, taken at like 7pm, (he finishes at 6:30) aint he cute when he wakes up?

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I just woke up, I look and feel like shit, nothing else.
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Woot, We're now nicely moved into our new appartment, I have a ferret coming in next week as well and things seem to be going smoothly.

Ikea were incredibly late however delivering our furnature and for a moment (i.e 5 hours) there I thought we were going to be sleeping on the cold wooden slats of our floor, well thank god they got the stuff here in the end and along with some good friends we got it all assembled in time to head off to bed, there wont be however a house warming party for this place, I really don't feel up for one, would be nice however but I'd just be in huge bad mood through it.

only other thing I can say is that I now have a webserver again and the domain is www.fuzzyotter.com however you wont find anything there yet, I intend to to just use it to show off various pictures I've had commissioned or taken via camera.

Latterz ya all,
The Otter

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Well here it is, my excuse to make an entry here in Live Journal, I commission a lot of artists, sometimes I'm sure its the only reason i have a job to be honest >^.^< anyway I'll stop rambling off the topic here.

Had a nice little fur-meet during the weekend a friendly wolf by the name of BC came over to meet the furs, hellishly cute but also straight at the same time, how does that saying go? "I could tap that ass" I think it is, and it pretty much describes what a I really wanted to do while around. though by the sounds of things and the way he was talking, might be able to bring him over to the dark side and turn him Bi which I'm really hopping for, he also said if my mate and I are ever in the area we could stay with him, he has no idea yet that I intend to make it a life to goal to spend at least one week there "converting" him >:-)

The commission below is just a character profile sheet, there's actually more to go with it but that something I'll do later in my own time cause it involves a huge amount of text and more images. Though right now I have edited a little bit, the real image is kinda adult in the fact it shows a whooping-ly huge close up of his phallus but I kinda want to keep this page on the web involving me a little more clean than that
So without further ado, here's ya image, No copying now ya here ;)


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Well well well.... look at what we have here, after all that bitching and moaning I have finally decided to join the community, why? cause I'm an emo fur who wants to be able to post up here on live journal that there moving to Melborne and leaving the Fandom.

Well jokes aside, I have finally paid a deposit on a apartment, its nothing special, hell it borders on delapedated (or however you spell it) but after being in Sydney now for what? 7 - 8 months I finally have a place to move to and call home for the Linsang and I, woot!!
The move in date is set for the weekend the fox and wolf get back from Morocco, lucky buggers, they better be black as all hell when they get back from the sun and desert over there or I'm sending them express back via International air couriers, thats right, in a small wooden crate.

The cat here that I've been so diligently looking after thankfully has stopped being such an emo with the absence of the fox and now cuddles me during the night and sleeps on my lap, wooo I feel so lucky now, only took 2.5 weeks, and a shit load of food.

oh, and on a plus side, I've finaly done what everyone who knows me closely will think is very strange, I have this odd felling about laptops, I hate them and think there the worst things on the face of this planet. well I bought myself one, strangly its been surprising me on every turn so far, even came with a Blu-ray recording disc drive, woot, go Sony and there Vaio laptops, its very very sweet and even manages to run Oblivion on the top specs at a resolution of 1280 x 800 widescreen... yeeeaaa, and for all those that bagged out Vista, you can go stuff yourself in a bag and jump off a bridge, best OS I've used since 98.

Well, wish me luck, I'm off to Melborne...

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